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Vistas Revealed

Immersive Photo & Cultural Workshops


Vistas Revealed strives to create the perfect learning environment, by immersing ourselves in on-location photography. Exploring the epic vistas of Mother Nature with a camera is an exceptionally rewarding experience, but it can be a discouraging one as well. The opportunity to capture superior imagery can disappear in a moment and the value of having a professional photographer by your side, guiding and assisting you to capture your vision, is immeasurable. And, in addition to instruction in the field, supplemental classroom work will explore technical aspects designed to enhance your photography.


Small Groups of 6

Immersive On-Location Classes

Flexible Itineraries to ‘Chase the Light’


“I’ve read the books, parsed through the magazines, and listened to the lectures. These are good tools, but nothing beats learning from hands-on experience. Not only does experience teach best, it allows you to discover your own voice and your own vision through the lens.


Lead Instructor: Ted Davis

Ted Davis is a landscape, nature, and travel photographer. A world traveler from an early age, Ted has been studying the art of photography since his introduction to film cameras and the darkroom in the ’90s. Over the past few years, with exhibits in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toyko, and London, Ted has emerged as a leading voice of young photographers all over the globe. Now, with on-location photography workshops, he teaches the tricks of the trade to his clients — helping to grow their own vision through the lens.

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A Few Testimonials


“I found my experience learning photography with Ted Davis thoroughly enjoyable and informative!  I’m a novice photographer. Ted’s teaching and instruction helped me to drastically improve my experience in both taking and editing my photos.
~ Desiree T.


“It was clear from the beginning that Ted had done an extreme amount of research and scouting beforehand, so we were able to skip the logistics and focus on learning how to capture images.
~ Amanda S.


“During one afternoon Ted brought us to a pier overlooking a gorgeous bay lined with large pine trees—exactly what you imagine Maine to be.  Shortly after we set up, we see this cloud of extremely thick fog coming across the bay.  I was so disappointed that this beautiful shot would be “ruined” by this thick fog.  Ted quickly helped me realize that the fog was a perfect opportunity to enhance my image—add a unique focal point and helped me to change both my exposure and positioning of my shot to fully capture the majestic beauty of this Maine afternoon.
~ Geoffery T.