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“I’ve read the books, parsed through the magazines, and listened to the lectures. These are good tools, but nothing beats learning from hands-on experience. Not only does experience teach best, it allows you to discover your own voice and your own vision through the lens.   ~ Ted Davis, Lead Instructor


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Welcome to the world of customized Adventure Travel! Unlike standard “Workshops”, Vistas Revealed specializes in unique and personal experiences with small groups of photographers.

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Considering a photographic workshop to expand your skill with the camera in a beautiful location? Ted and Vistas Revealed is committed to giving you a rewarding and personalized experience every time.


Vistas Revealed strives to create the perfect learning environment, by immersing ourselves in on-location photography. Exploring the epic vistas of Mother Nature with a camera is an exceptionally rewarding experience, but it can be a discouraging one as well. The opportunity to capture superior imagery can disappear in a moment and the value of having a professional photographer by your side, guiding and assisting you to capture your vision, is immeasurable. And, in addition to instruction in the field, supplemental classroom work will explore technical aspects designed to enhance your photography.


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Flexible Itineraries to ‘Chase the Light’


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One Testimonial

Courtesy of Maria, a VR: Tuscany Participant

“I have been on a couple of workshops with Leading Companies.  The student to teacher ratio is very big and you really do not learn much.  They have big classroom settings and you are sharing one instructor with 20 others in the field.  When you experience difficulties you are very much on your own.  On my first night with Ted, I forgot the plate to my tripod.  He immediately used his gear to strap my camera on to a bridge, and I took the most amazing picture of Ponte Vecchio. [Which I now I have printed out and hanging in my home!]

The accommodations are fantastic.  Hotels and restaurants are first class.  It was by far the most complete vacation I have ever taken.  I was able to learn photography, dine well, experience the culture (We had private wine tastings and food pairings.  Private gallery tours, etc), and for the adventurous, optional hiking tours at sunrise.  Ted was very flexible.  He easily adjusted the schedule on many occasions.  He even went with me to the top of the dome in Florence, and entertained the guard, while I took some pictures I wasn’t exactly supposed to.   Something that was totally off schedule, but I had mentioned I wanted to do.

He had one on one time with everyone to review images and getting them ready for print.  First time ever that I leave a workshop with amazing photographs that I can frame on my wall.  Best of all he shared all his resources, printers to use, what was the best medium for printing, software, apps.

I definitely plan to travel again with Ted!

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